Heidi Hutner
Heidi hutner

Heidi Hutner is a first-time documentary feature filmmaker, professor at Stony Brook University, and widely published author on ecofeminism and environmental justice. Of late, Hutner has shifted her work to filmmaking, as she has always had a passion for visual story telling. Hutner believes it is high time for all underrepresented groups and excluded film folks claim space in the white male dominated film industry.

RADIOACTIVE: THE WOMEN OF THREE MILE ISLAND (Hutner's first film), a feature documentary about the 1979 Three Mile Island meltdown--explores the worst commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history through a feminist lens.
The documentary covers the never-before-told stories of four intrepid homemakers, two lawyers who took the local community's case all the way to the Supreme Court, and a young female journalist who was caught in the radioactive crossfire. RADIOACTIVE features activist and actor Jane Fonda--whose film, CHINA SYNDROME (a fictional account of a nuclear meltdown), opened 12 days before the real disaster in Pennsylvania.

RADIOACTIVE also breaks the story of a radical new health study (in process) that may finally expose the truth of the meltdown. For over forty years, the nuclear industry has done all in their power to cover up their criminal actions, claiming, as they always do, "No one was harmed and nothing significant happened."


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