Henna Taylor
Henna taylor

Henna Taylor is a self-taught documentary filmmaker. She began making short videos of her time living with four rural midwives in Cambodia. Over the next decade, her nonlinear relationship with filmmaking grew exponentially. She has since written, directed, filmed, edited, and produced six award-winning short documentary films, including “Best Mountain Short Film” at Banff. Her first, highly anticipated feature length documentary, An Accidental Life, will be debuting in 2022 at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. 

Henna’s work is emotionally deep and wide, and in its best moments, achieves that much sought-after, but rarely achieved, emotional catharsis central to the tradition of storytelling and theater. Henna builds the stories she tells by staying present for the absurd, imperfect, painful, hilarious, and terribly vulnerable states of the human experience. Her compassion and relationship with her subjects come clearly and poignantly through the lens she shares with the audience what she sees.


  • An Accidental Life Trailer