Ilja Willems
Ilja willems

I am a director & creative storyteller focused on character-driven documentary projects that illustrate social-political and cultural-historical developments anywhere in the world.

My love for stories began at a young age: my father's bookstore was my sanctuary. I would go on adventures and travel the globe by reading books. Now I'm actually telling other people's stories and adventures from all over the planet.

Creating new projects is what makes me tick. I have an urge to getting to know the unknown, I enjoy trying to solve the unsolvable and somehow I often succeed in convincing the inconvincibles.

I like crossing borders and working in a team. I'm not afraid of challenging circumstances.

What else? Sailed around the world on a three mast ship in the footsteps of Charles Darwin. Swam around the Statue of Liberty. Attended Oprah's final show. Found a 90 million years old dinosaur tooth. And I love to play nose flute, especially on Fridays.