Ina Sofia Kalo
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Ina Sofia is a linguist and cognitive psychologist by degree, a director and film producer by inevitability, a technologist and product designer by special power, a script doctor as persuaded into it by her filmmaking peers, and a sharpie addict when it comes to storyboarding and distribution strategies.

Ina’s first feature film, Happy… como su sol, mixed genre, 91 min, 6 countries production, which she wrote, produced and directed, won the audience award at the Havana International Film Festival, screened at IDFA, Toronto International and Madrid International film festivals.

Ina is residing in San Francisco, California, and in parallel to her passion for storytelling and narrative impact through film, has been also creating technology products and business strategies.

Ina is the founder of, a tech startup and a creative powerhouse, with technology for turning the making-of story of any film into an early marketing, audience building, distribution securing tool. Empowered by the hundreds of amazing behind-the-scenes stories, Ina is currently developing a new feature, aiming to showcase the craftsmanship, dedication and bravery of women in film.