Jacqueline van Vugt
Jacqueline van vugt

Jacqueline van Vugt is a Writer, Director and DOP. She develops her own films. In her work she focusses on the drama that unfolds between her main-characters, set in a broader political context, in a poetic narration.

Van Vugt was raised in West Africa in Mali and Chad. She studied architecture at TU Delft. In 1995 Jacqueline graduated as a Director of Photoghy at the Dutch Film and Television Academy with the award-winning documentary Snow White, directed by Jelka Anhalt.

In 1998 the Amsterdam Art Fund awarded Jacqueline for Talent of the Year. In 2014 she won a Fipresci Award with her documentary Borders at Krakow. In 2021 her documentary Up to G-Cup was awarded with the Dutch Film Critics Award, KNF.


  • Crossing Trailer