Jill Campbell
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Jill is a documentary Director and Editor who strives to capture authentic moments of humanity that highlight our shared experience. Jill began her career in the theater, writing and producing plays at La Mama, the Dublin Fringe, the Public Theater, and as a resident artist at Mabou Mines. She pivoted to documentary with the 2010 documentary "Dancing Across Borders" (Netflix, Apple TV.). Following the success of that feature, Jill's produced many feature documentaries that have screened at major festivals including Tribeca, DOC NYC, Atlanta, Art Fifa, Hamptons, Montclair, Miami, Seattle, Woodstock, and Warsaw. Jill was a Field Producer for the documentary, "Never Too Late: The Doc Severinson Story" (Dirs. Kevin Bright, Jeff Consiglio, PBS American Masters, 2020). Jill has written and directed three feature-length documentaries including "Mr. Chibbs" (Cargo Films), a 2017 Village Voice Critic’s Pick, "Mr. Chibbs" traces the rise and fall of NBA legend Kenny Anderson, and "Seat 20D" a meditation on the healing power of self-expression that follows artist Suse Lowenstein’s journey to overcome her grief following the murder of her son. Jill received her MFA from Hunter College where she studied documentary filmmaking. Jill looks forward to sharing her feature documentary "The Sunshine ISSUE: A Portrait of Jule Campbell" who was the founding editor of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Did Jule's work celebrate or objectify the female form?

www.seagullink.com, www.seat20d.com,

  • "Mr. Chibbs" trailer - A Village Voice Critics Pick