Jillian Corsie
Jillian corsie

Jillian Corsie is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and editor with a passion for telling stories that draw viewers into the heart of the human experience. As a doc director, she loves telling character-driven stories with a social impact. Her feature directorial debut, Trichster, focuses on the lives of people living with the body-focused repetitive behavior, trichotillomania. Her latest documentary, Second Assault, explores the trauma of reporting sexual violence, and the "second assault" survivors often experience when they are not believed. She also works as a film programmer at the Salute Your Shorts Film Festival and has recently finished her first narrative film, TOOTH.
Alongside her documentary work, Corsie edits commercials and branded content for major brands like Apple, Gatorade, Airbnb, Uniqlo, and Lexus.