Kanchi Wichmann

Kanchi Wichmann is a British/ German filmmaker based in Los Angeles since 2022.

Her debut feature BREAK MY FALL (UK 2011) was released theatrically in Germany and the UK and sold to over 20 territories via Paris-based sales agent Reel Suspects. It was the first British lesbian film to gain a UK cinema release and is on the BFI list of 10 best lesbian films. Kanchi was also named on the 2012 After Ellen list ’50 directors Hollywood should be hiring’.

Kanchi’s 10-episode comedy web series, MIXED MESSAGES (DE 2017) is released online by London-based Peccadillo Pictures. Kanchi has also made several short films and written for film and LGBTQ* publications including Another Gaze (London) and Siegessäulle (Berlin). She was the directing recipient of the FilmNetzwerk Berlin mentoring programme 2021/22 (Mentor - Kerstin Polte) and was on the UDK artist development program (Berlin) 2021 with her series entitled Adults of Berlin.

She has also participated in screenwriting programs and residencies including Hothouse (London), Babylon Europe (London/ Cannes) and most recently at the Vermont Studio Center (2023/ USA). Her feature script GROWING UP IN PUBLIC was a semi-finalist in the Table Read my Screenplay competition (Sundance 2023).

A re-edit of Break My Fall is due for online release in summer/ fall 2023 via Peccadillo Pictures and Salzgeber (Berlin). Kanchi is a 2023 BAFTA US newcomer for screenwriting.