Karen Day

As a journalist, photographer and filmmaker, Karen Day makes a habit of ignoring the punitive warnings of military dictators, religious extremists, Oval Office pedagogues and her four children. Her professional resume includes house arrest in Myanmar, lunch with Dr. Anthrax in Baghdad, fashion reprimands from a warlord in Kandahar and happy hour with the Dalai Lama and Richard Gere in NYC. Day is author of 8 books and her articles have appeared in MARIE CLAIRE, O, MOTHER JONES, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. Her 2015 documentary, GIRL FROM GOD’S COUNTRY, won BEST DOCUMENTARY at Cannes Independent Film Festival and is distributed by WOMEN MAKE MOVIES. Her commercial feature documentary, DESTINATION IDAHO, produced with Idaho State Tourism, aired on NBC in 2017. Her current feature documentary: BAMBOO AND BARBED WIRE premiered at Bentonville Film Festival in May, 2019. Karen and her 13 year- old son share a farm in Eagle, Idaho with 6 chickens, 3 cats, 2 baby goats, a mini horse and 1 Yeti ( a dog.)


  • Bamboo and Barbed Wire Trailer