Karnit Mandel
Karnit mandel

Karnit Mandel (born in Jaffa, 1977) is a director and visual researcher specializing in historic and Middle Eastern footage. She graduated Summa cum Laude from Tel Aviv University film department (BFA, MA) and worked as a picture researcher and consultant for celebrated Israeli documentaries. Among her films: "Burning the Leaven" (2006) nominated best debut film director in Israeli documentary awards. "The Third Generation Dilemma" (Israeli channel 1) and "Daily Bread" (short, Prague film festival). Among her research projects: Tel Aviv History Museum, the series "Kibbutz" & "Jaffa-Tel Aviv", the documentaries "Kafka's Last Story", "Life as a Rumor", "The Hebrews", "Lebowitz", "The Next World", "The Go-Go Boys" (by Hilla Medalia) and more.

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