Larissa Ong
Larissa ong

I am a creative documentary filmmaker who has written and directed feature-length TV documentaries for Channel NewsAsia, CuriosityStream, and National Geographic Channel, as well as digital shorts for the South China Morning Post and Rice Media.

Stories of migration, existentialism, and the creative process interest me the most, and within them I like to explore the messiness and absurdity of existence. My approach transcends borders and bends the creative form of documentary. As I find the process as important as the result, I seek collaborators who are open-hearted and sensitive, testing the traditions of the form over following norms, whether that be in camerawork, production hierarchies, or methods of storytelling.

Recently, I directed a Channel NewsAsia biopic "Untold Legends: Vickie Dutton" about a 60s fashion icon, Vickie Dutton, who was mysteriously ripped from Singapore's fashion magazines, and a South China Morning Post short film "The Matchmaker of Singapore" about a matchmaker hunting for Vietnamese wives for his hapless male clients. I am now working on my first independent feature "Live Long and Die Out" about my desire to die, marking my foray into a personally dark place to excavate emotional realities on film.

I am based in Lisbon, Portugal, and have lived and worked in Washington DC and Mexico City. I speak Mandarin, Spanish, English, am learning Portuguese, and am originally from Singapore.