Laura Bari

Originally from Argentina, laura bari has resided in Montreal for the past 25 years. Her professional course and her passion to converge art, issues of mental health and education, lead her to become a filmmaker. Fascinated by singularity and difference, she chose film as a way to merge her perceptions and her ideas. Driven by a desire to understand issues of construction of identity and self-expression she builds her films as a writer, director, camerawoman and editor. Antoine (2009), her first full-length film, approaching the imaginary life of a blind boy, was shown at some twenty festivals around the world, winning a dozen of prizes as the Dove Talent award, Dok Leipzig, the Special Jury prize at RIDM and the Lindalee Tracy award at Hot Docs. Released in theaters as well as her second film, Ariel (2013). This film, which is a journey of a man who rebuilds his identity after a terrible accident, participated to a dozen of festivals wining the Jury prize at EIDF in Seoul, Korea. To complete a trilogy, filmmaker is working on the creation of Rocio & Aldana, (2017) an intimate and metaphorical portrait of two Argentinean adolescents, who survives to horrendous crimes. Revealing once again the power of imagination through unique artistic approaches, laura b. produces films that push the boundaries between the inner and the outer, the possible and the impossible, between reality and dreams.

  • Antoine (Trailer)