Liat Ron
Liat ron

"Fear and Now" is Liat Ron's directorial debut. It was created as a result of Liat's life-changing experience of birthing her second child.

As an actor, Liat performed in numerous plays, musicals and independent films. Among her NYC theater production credits is GUTS, her critically acclaimed autobiographical solo show, which she wrote and executive produced.

She is a professionally trained Middle Eastern dancer who developed an innovative teaching method, empowering women of all ages and walks of life. She believes that Middle Eastern dance is the ultimate form of dance for women, offering the entryway to achieving true freedom of the body and its expressive capabilities. ‚Äč

Liat is a writer/blogger who co-founded Techealthiest with her partner and husband, psychologist Dr. Greg Kushnick. Techealthiest is a unique website that offers actionable tips on health and happiness in a world consumed by technology.

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