Lila Yomtoob
Lila yomtoob

Lila Yomtoob has been a worker in the media space for 23 years and counting. Her work over the years includes producing, directing, writing, sound editing, accounting, and post production supervising on narrative and documentary features, television and shorts. Her projects have received honors and accolades, and have screened worldwide.

Lila is a storyteller by nature. The work she feels most connected to are imaginative and telling, whether comedy, drama or documentary. She is passionate about social issues, bringing people together, and creating. Lately she has been producing social issue based short form video and podcasts, and is working on a cooperative filmmaking structure. She is also experimenting with stand up comedy.

As a former member of IATSE 700 and 871, one of her goals is to create a culture of collaboration and kindness around her productions. Lila enjoys gardening, backgammon, laughing, and cute animal videos.

“The Beauty of the $5000 film [HIGH LIFE] - besides from the acting, edginess, great score, humor, pathos and bathroom bathos - is that it got made.” - John Griffen, Montreal Gazette