Lindsey Paulette
Lindsey paulette

Lindsey Paulette is a filmmaker, writer, MUA, and visual artist born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. She got her start in the arts at age seven as a stage actor and has been in love with creating and entertaining ever since. She studied filmmaking at John Tyler Community College, Savannah College of Art and Design, and eventually got her BA in film from Virginia Commonwealth University in August 2022. She spends her days shooting commercials, prepping for her own personal film projects, writing screenplays, painting, and running her small business; Keeping it Cosmic.

In September 2022, she wrapped production on her first feature length film, The Trip, that she wrote, directed, and produced under her film production company Incredibly Okay Films LLC; the film premiered in February of 2024.

Most recently, her feature length script won at the Virginia Screenwriting competition and continues to make its way through the festival circuit. Lindsey hopes the script gains enough traction to reach production and therefore give her the opportunity to direct her second feature length project.

  • Horror Writing and Directing Portfolio