Lisa Hammer
Lisa sepia

Lisa Hammer is a film director, writer, composer, singer and actress. She is best recognized as the voice of Triana Orpheus on the Adult Swim cartoon The Venture Bros. She has directed independent dark comedy feature and short films such as Pox and Pus$bucket, and the CMJ Film Festival winner The Invisible Life of Thomas Lynch which she co-directed with James Merendino (SLC Punk). Lisa's films have won awards from the CMJ Film Festival, Telly Awards, Hugo Awards, It Came From Kuchar Film Festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Canada International Screenplay Festival, Ontario Film Festival, Movies on a Shoestring, Antimatter, Indieworks and two from New York Press. She has had one-woman shows at the Olympia Film Festival, Perth International Film Festival, and the Duolun Art Museum in Shanghai, China. Her surrealist silent film Empire of Ache was recently acquired by The Getty Museum’s feminist film collection, curated by Miranda July. . Hammer’s most recent film “The Sisters Plotz”, starring Eve Plumb (“The Brady Bunch”) was recently acquired by Amazon Prime. She can be seen in Maybe Sunshine now on the Seeka Tv channel on Roku.