Lis Bartlett
Lis bartlett director

Director Lis Bartlett has long been captivated by true stories. Starting in middle school Lis recreated historic events through video for classroom projects. While pursuing degrees in Media Studies and Performing Arts and Social Justice at USF, she spent her summers cultivating her passion through Project Moonshine, a Nevada non-profit, teaching filmmaking skills to high school students by documenting important events in their communities. Working for Indie DocFest in San Francisco helped develop her documentary taste. Out of college she created her first show, “Know Your City Employee,” for the City of Reno that profiled employees in their personal and professional lives. She was retained by Specialty Health to create what became a feature documentary, “Survival for Firefighters,” that followed Reno public safety professionals in a health and wellness program based upon groundbreaking science used for determining cardiac risk. Lis has developed her filmmaking skills in Los Angeles by working in the editorial department of numerous projects, including Kobe Bryant’s Showtime documentary MUSE; and most recently as editor for two episodes of “The Pitch” for Audience Network. LIGHT IN THE WATER is her first feature documentary. Lis chooses her stories carefully and is happiest when she can immerse herself in projects that illuminate new or unseen perspectives, giving people a voice through the art and medium of storytelling.