Lynn Birdwell
Lynn birdwell

Lynn is known today as a staunch defender of television and film development in Houston, Texas, consciously activating to build and nurture production development of films and series from Houston, rather than the continuing focus of accepting and acquiring in-coming projects that initiated (and will return) elsewhere. Because in a city like Houston the production personnel pool is often comprised of multi-hyphenate titles, she is known as a director, and a producer. As an executive producer and line producer, she provides production services on films, series, commercials, music videos, content and photography for world-class production companies, directors, photographers, and global brands, Lynn directed many magazine-format and reality TV series episodes from 1993 to today, including a season of Michael Moore’s “TV Nation”, and in 2010 was tapped to line produce and direct the Gracie award-winning 3rd season, 17 episodes of “The Little Couple” for LMNO Productions on TLC. A career highlight was field producing and directing / interviewing Holocaust survivors for a year, for Steven Spielberg’s “Shoah Foundation” historical museum archives. Often, Lynn’s deep interest in a subject will lend to her serving as director for amazing and worthwhile music videos and art films. A beautiful art film and performance project, presented at both the Rothko Chapel, and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, in partnership with Pamela Johnson, www.BreathThePulseOfTheUniverse.