Mara Ravins
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Mara Ravins is a history and theatre graduate from the University of Toronto and New Media (Film & Photography) graduate of OCAD. She worked extensively as a performance/installation artist before devoting to film, where she’s worked professionally for over 27 years on low and high budget productions, starting out as an Art Director for Canadian films, such as Blood and Donuts. She has worked thousands of hours on union shoots as decorator and on set wardrobe for series such as Odyssey5 and Friday the 13th and was Assistant Wardrobe designer for Paul Haggis’s first feature Red Hot. She has made a living the last 8 years evaluating projects for financing, both domestic and international co-productions, for a corporation which supports films, TV series and digital media projects. In addition to constantly creating new film work, she serves as a freelance production consultant and mentor for young filmmakers and artists. As producer, writer and director of her own films, she is the first Canadian/ Latvian to receive full production funding from the Open Society Institute for her docu-drama “Matin Dans Une Forêt de Pins”. A recipient of numerous grants from the Canada, Ontario and Toronto Arts Councils, Danish and Canadian National Film Boards, her films have played at international festivals garnering critical acclaim. She has served as a jury member on various arts councils. Mara continues to work with celluloid photography, a passion cultivated for over 30 years.

  • Velveeta Afternoon