Maria Laura Vasquez
Maria laura vasquez

Maria Laura Vazquez was born in La Plata, province of Buenos Aires in 1976. She studied Combined Arts, at the University of Buenos Aires and graduated as a filmmaker from the International Film and Televisión School of San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba.

She worked in the direction, script, production and camera of several series for the channel Encuentro, PakaPaka, Tec TV, Telesur and in the production of archive and script of documentary films released in cinemas. Among her most importants documentaries are "When the Compass Marked the South", "Independent Project, the Libertarian Spirit of a Nation", and "The 120. The Coffe Brigade". She is currently in the process of exhibition of her documentary "The Rebellion of the Flowers" and she is working in another documentary film, "Legerin, in search of Alina", both films are produced by Valeria Roig.