Marie-Hélène Panisset

Marie-Hélène Panisset studied dance, art history, journalism and film. After working as art director on various films and tv commercials she moved on to write, direct and produce short films (mostly dance) that have travelled around the world and sold to television. She's also produced some of her friends works and for a while flirted with visual post-production, working as executive post-producer on films directed by Denis Villeneuve and Jean-Marc Vallée. In 2010, she released a first feature film Lucidité passagère (Blind Spot) which she produced and co-directed. After having children, she came back to directing and producing through documentary. The feature doc A Moonless Night: Boat People 40 Years After which was just released in theatres at the end of 2016 and will air on television this winter.

  • A Moonless Night (Trailer)