Marielle Woods
Marielle woods

Marielle Woods is an award-winning, queer and gender fluid filmmaker who thrives in the high-stakes world of action storytelling. Having spent a decade working with Stunt Coordinators and Second Unit Directors on projects including John Wick: Chapter Two, Baby Driver, and Westworld, Woods loves to push emotional buttons and visual boundaries, telling stories that make audiences think — with a few explosions and car chases along the way. She has been recognized as a member of the HBOAccess Directing Fellowship, the Universal Director's Initiative, and the AFI Directing Workshop for Women. Her original queer-action-romance, Heart Shot, made as part of Netflix's Emerging Filmmakers Initiative, is streaming worldwide. Woods has directed episodes on Seasons 4 & 5 of Cobra Kai for Netflix/Sony as well as Season 3 of Kung Fu for Berlanti/The CW. She is in development on her first feature. In addition to directing emotions and explosions, she is obsessed with her 7 pound rescue dog, Sasquatch, and loves soup, nerf guns, and puns.