Melody C Miller
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Melody C. Miller is an Emmy Award-Winning filmmaker and cinematographer. With a passion for storytelling, she has produced and directed two critically acclaimed feature documentaries that have had a profound impact on audiences worldwide. "California's Forgotten Children" shed light on an important human rights issue and received recognition for fostering a movement of change, while her uplifting documentary about one of the influential poets of the Beat Generation, "ruth weiss, the beat goddess" earned an Emmy® Award for Best Historical and Cultural Documentary.

Since 2017, she has worked as a leading director on branded documentary projects for Samsung Business America. She has also worked as a director of photography for industry-leading companies such as Sony Pictures, HBO, Discovery Channel, PBS, Amazon, Starz, ESPN, Peacock, and the Smithsonian.

Originally from Oakland, California, Melody's artistic journey was shaped by her early exposure to French and Middle Eastern cultures, igniting the roots of her filmmaking career. Graduating from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, she specialized in Cinematography and Documentary.

Melody is passionate about creating impactful and meaningful projects that not only engage but also spark important conversations and drive positive change. ​Through her compelling storytelling and technical prowess, Melody continues to push boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on every project she undertakes.


    Resilient survivors of child trafficking fight to change the world ensuring no child is forgotten.
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    6 Awards and 15 Best Documentary Nominations (selected):
    Public Media Awards, NETA (Nationwide), Best Topical Documentary, 2022, Soho International Film Festival (New York)- Winner Best Documentary, 2018, Riverside International Film Festival - Winner of Rising Filmmaker Award, 2018, Chico International Film Festival (California), Winner of Best Director, 2019 , The California Film Awards, Winner the Orson Welles Award, 2019, San Diego International Film Festival (California), Official Selection, Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival, Nom. for Best Documentary, 2018

    Impact and Reach:
    The film screened at the United States Senate 19' and the United State of Women Summit 18' encouraging policymakers to create and implement laws and policies to combat trafficking. Over 100 organizations organized screenings of the documentary spanning various sectors, including the government, foster care systems, juvenile detention facilities, crisis centers, tech companies, and healthcare organizations, all working collaboratively to prevent the continuation of these injustices. The documentary not only raised funds for safe-homes, crisis centers, and direct services for victims of commercial sexual exploitation, sexual assault, homelessness, and HIV/AIDS but also established an Ambassador program to create employment opportunities for survivor leaders. It gained further exposure through 45 screenings on PBS Stations, reaching millions of viewers nationwide, and became available on platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon, Hoopla, Kinema, and New Day Films. Currently collaberating with the United Nations Association - USA on preventing education. The film screened in high schools and helped recover several victims after classroom screenings with a trauma informed crisis team.


    RUTH WEISS, THE BEAT GODDESS, Feature Documentary, Emmy® Award-Winning
    Jazz troubadour ruth weiss who escaped the Holocaust to the United States, where she became one of the influential poets of the Beat Generation.
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    5 Awards and 13 Best Documentary Nominations (selected):
    Emmy Award for Best Cultural/Historical Documentary by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Northern California / San Francisco Chapter, 2023, Cinequest Film Festival (California), Maverick Spirit Award Winner, 2020, Riverside International Film Festival (California) - Winner of Best Documentary, 2020, Santa Cruz Film Festival (California) - Winner of Visionary Women In Film Award, 2019, Peekskill Film Festival (New York) - Winner of Best Documentary, 2019, Asolo Art Film Festival (Italy) - Nominated for Best Film on Art, 2019, American Documentary Film Festival (California) - Nom. for Best Documentary, 2021, FIN Atlantic International Film Festival (Canada) - Nom. for Best Documentary, 2021

    Impact and Reach:
    The film has been screened on over one hundred and fifty PBS Stations nationwide, reaching millions of viewers. It is available for viewing on platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon, Hoopla, Kinema, and Alexander Street. We establish a non-profit organization, the ruth weiss Foundation, that provides opportunities and support to poetic artists through an annual grant program designed to empower poets in their efforts to make positive changes in the world. More information about the foundation can be found at Currently, there is a collaboration underway with the United Nations Association - USA, focusing on raising awareness about the impact of war on children and exploring potential solutions through the mediums of art, poetry, and film.


    SAMSUNG BUSINESS AMERICA, Branded Documentaries

    Since 2017, Melody has held a prominent position as a director, spearheading over 30 branded documentary projects for Samsung Business America. These projects have encompassed a diverse range of subjects, including automobiles, manufacturing, stadiums, gaming, and educational institutions. In this reel, you will catch a glimpse of Melody's exceptional work, featuring snippets from the Sofi Stadium and Fire Department videos. To delve deeper into her remarkable portfolio and experience the full videos, we invite you to visit:


    Thriv(h)er, Documentary (In-Production)
    A Navy veteran survives cancer after a mastectomy, against all odds, she becomes pregnant. We follow her and other survivors and thrivers as they navigate the physical, emotional and societal challenges of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and motherhood, in a powerful and inspiring journey of resilience.
    INTERLANGUA, NANKEDA, Educational Documentary Series
    Directed 27 educational documentaries highlighting cross-cultural Great Books programs in China, this particular film offers a compelling portrayal of students and teachers engaged the intricacies of cultural exchange and educational enrichment in a global context.