Nadia Szold

After reading ​Waiting for Godot​ at 17, Nadia Szold formed Cojones Company. Fourteen plays later, she founded Cinema Imperfecta out of her apartment in Red Hook, Brooklyn. ​Hope & Anchor​, ​Thievery​, ​The Persian Love Cake ​and ​Some Kinda Fuckery were the first short films produced and directed under its banner in Paris and New York. Simultaneously, Szold worked for Robin O'Hara and Scott Macaulay of Forensic Films. Her award winning first feature, ​Joy de V.​, starring Evan Louison, Josephine de La Baume and Claudia Cardinale, premiered at Slamdance in 2013 to critical acclaim and a nod from the Jury. Her second feature, ​Mariah​, starring Dakota Goldhor and Mr. Louison, was shot in Mexico during the rise of vigilante groups reclaiming cartel controlled regions. A Film Independent Fellow of the 2016 Documentary Lab, Szold's latest film "Larry Flynt for President" will premiere at Tribeca, 2021.