Nani Li Yang
Nani li yang  dir   squre

Nani Li Yang is an engineer turned writer-director based in Los Angeles, born in China. She earned an MFA from New York Film Academy. Nani made a short documentary, "Backpackers in Dali" (2014, China). She wrote and directed her first narrative short, "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (2015), and directed 2nd short, "The Most Beautiful Woman" (2017). From 2016 to 2021, She wrote her first feature screenplay for her favorite Taiwanese actress Gua Ah-Lei. The honesty of the screenplay of "Beneath the Banyan Tree" attracted the acclaimed actress on board to play the leading role. The film has won "Visionary" awards at CINEQUST "Audience Awards" at Dances with Film.

  • Beneath the Banyan Tree trailer