Nani Sahra Walker
Nani bw

Nani Sahra Walker is a Nepali-American filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She has been documenting social change over the past decade from LGBTQ rights in Nepal and voting rights in the American South to the global anti-casteist movement. Nani wrote and directed ALICE WATERS: HOW TO START A FOOD REVOLUTION (2021), a short doc about the food movement sparked by the legendary Chez Panisse chef in response to industrial farming. She also co-directed the short doc FORCED (2018) about three women rebuilding their lives after escaping Boko Haram. The film was nominated for an IDA Award. Her debut feature doc OTHER NATURE (2012) on the fight for LGBTQ right in Nepal screened at Outfest and Frameline among dozens of festivals worldwide and is distributed by the Center of Asian American Media. She is a fellow of the Cine Non Qua Lab and SFFILM’s FilmHouse Residency. Nani is the Director of L.A. Times Short Docs, a monthly series from L.A. Times Studios.