Nasreen Alkhateeb
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Nasreen Alkhateeb is an award-winning Director | DP, whose work amplifies underrepresented voices. By illuminating racial injustice, marginalized youth, gender inequity, melting ice, women peacekeepers, chronic pain, and the construction of the largest telescope NASA has ever attempted, Nasreen thrives as a leader on diverse storytelling projects. Nasreen has a plethora of lenses she sees the world through. Her ability to motivate audiences is a direct result of being multi-heritage, Black/Iraqi, 1st generation, a Survivor, LGBTQ, raised Muslim, and Disabled. In 2020, Nasreen was chosen as the Lead Cinematographer for Kamala Harris' successful Vice Presidential campaign, and Oprah's series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. In 2019, she Executive Produced East of the River about the school to prison pipeline in Washington D.C. that screened the Tribeca Film Festival, and won honorable mention at Slamdance. She captured two campaigns for NASA and the Women’s March, with an emphasis on BIPOC voices, in addition to lensing two narrative films highlighting LGBTQ and Disabled storylines. In 2018, she directed the first 50th year anniversary film for NASA’s Apollo Program. In 2016, Nasreen was awarded Cinematographer of the Year by NASA for her work in the Arctic. When she is not on set, Nasreen teaches women, girls, and LGBTQ+ self-defense empowerment.

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