Nicole Lucas Haimes
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NICOLE LUCAS HAIMES is an Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker, director and executive producer. Nicole directed Chicken People, an funny, uplifting feature documentary and a New York Times Critics Pick that takes a look at the world of competitive show chickens and the people who love them. She most recently directed and executive produced a 7 part documentary series for PopSugar Studios about ordinary people finding the extraordinary in their own lives. Her credits include ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX, A&E and Universal Television. For A&E, Nicole co-executive produced, Confessions of the DC Sniper with William Shatner, securing a world-wide exclusive interview with Lee Boyd Malvo. The Washington Post called the broadcast "compelling," and "a well-crafted unspooling of Malvo’s psychological journey from brainwashed sniper to regretful adult." Prior to this, Nicole senior produced the BIO television series, Aftermath With William Shatner. She received an Emmy nomination for her PBS documentary, "Cracking The Code." Nicole began her career at ABC News, and produced for ABC's Burning Questions and Turning Point series.

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