Paula Whetu Jones
Paula whetu jones

I have been working in the film and television industry since last century so I’m pretty old. I spent the first part of my working life in telly trying to raise three kids on my own. It turns out I was rubbish at it. Raising my kids, not the telly stuff. The telly stuff I was quite good at. After film school I started at the bottom. QC at TVNZ. I watched hours and hours of Coronation St, Benny Hinn and Scooby Doo making sure there were no glitches in the tape stock. Yes, I said it. Tape stock. This job taught me nothing but I had a helluva lot of fun with my film school buddies. One of whom is now the Creative director at Channel 9 Australia.

My first documentary, Gang Girls, won best doco and best director (moi) at the Film and TV awards that year. From there on I made a number of social issue doco’s that featured at festivals around the world. I became paralysed in 2010, so things literally stopped for me. I lost my job and no one would employ me. Not even the disability programme, that advertised for a director, wanted me. So I swore a lot, achieved a Masters of Creative writing and then started a company with two friends. Our first doco was about giant African rats that they use to sniff out UXO’s in Cambodia. Then a Maori/Palestinian arts doco and a web series in Palestine. Following that I created a comedy web series about dating. I have made two short films, Yellow Roses and A Matter of Time that has screened at a number of film festivals around the world.

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