Renae Maihi
Headshot 2022

Renae Maihi (New Zealand Māori) is an internationally award winning writer and director in film. With a 15 year narrative storytelling career of consistent success beginning in theatre, her work has traveled the globe, been shown in various A-list festivals and enjoyed opening night success at film festivals around the world.

Her anthology feature film Waru premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 and went on to win the Grand Jury Award for an Outstanding International Narrative Feature at the 34th Asia Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles and the “Best of SIFF 2018 Audience Award” at Seattle International Film Festival. Waru further enjoyed success in major NZ cinemas with a ground swell of support from repeat audiences.

In 2022, her recent anthology feature film We Are Still Here premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and won the Telefilm award for ‘Best Dramatic Feature Film’ at imagineNATIVE Film Festival. In 2023 We Are Still Here had theatrical release across major theatres in Australia and New Zealand and in opening week on Netflix NZ, hit the top 4 spot.

Presently in development with her original feature film screenplays, Renae is a writer / director dedicated to film craft at the highest level.

For more in depth information and/or business enquiries, please make contact via her website.

  • We Are Still Here Trailer