Robin K Phillips

Singer, actress, producer, playwright, Robin Phillips has been researching writing, producing and starring in original, critically-acclaimed, one- two character stage plays for the last 30 years. Six years ago, Robin saw Rolland Emmerich’s film “Anonymous,” about the Shakespeare authorship question, which fascinated her. She began researching the topic feverishly, and in four months, produced a stage play about this intriguing mystery. She presented it in a small theater outside Washington DC. It was so successful she was asked to take it to a Shakespeare conference in Chicago. A logistical nightmare! So she filmed it and presented it instead, and she and her co-editor spent the next four years turning it into a 99-minute documentary.

Robin entered her first film festival in September 2020 not knowing if it was any good. Within four days she received her first rave review from Rome Prisma Awards, saying, “’SHAKESPEARE: The Truth Behind the Name’ is therefore a film of impressive breadth, capable of reconciling the virtues of cinema and those of theater and uniting them with the depth of its story. Hopefully Robin Phillips will delve further into this wonderful cinematic quest.” Thirteen months later, Robin’s film had earned 194 ‘Best’ awards, including 51 Best Documentary Feature, from 89 festivals around the world. On IMDb, the film has logged 106 wins and 23 nominations. She’s currently working on a short film on the same subject.