Rosa Ruth Boesten
Rosa ruth boesten

Rosa Ruth Boesten is an award winning director. Boesten creates cinematic documentary films rooted in the rawness of the real world, supported by a poetic and meditative visual approach. While working in multiple countries across the globe, she was born and raised in Utrecht, The Netherlands and currently lives in Amsterdam. Her debut documentary short was about her grandmother who was a single mother and struggling artist. Rosa told her grandmother’s story through her artworks, and suddenly a seed was planted. She studied directing of documentary film at the Netherlands Film Academy and graduated in 2013. She continues to focus and collaborate with different artists capturing their journey in film. She premiered her first feature documentary Master of Light at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival where it won the Documentary Feature Grand Jury Award. Her debut continued to win multiple awards at acclaimed film festivals such as San Francisco International Film Festival, Sheffield Docfest, Cinema Eye Honors Awards, Atlanta Film Festival, Denver Film Festival and many more across the United States, England and Europe. Her film is currently streaming on HBO and is part of an impact program by Represent Justice that uses the power of media to engage audiences in reimagining the justice system, and creating real demand for change.