Rosser Goodman

Rosser Goodman is an acclaimed film and television director whose work is featured on Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Amazon, Vudu, PBS, Sundance, Dekkoo, Here!, and Revry. Recently, she served as the creative lead and English dub director for international Netflix films. She began her career in big episodic TV with Steven Spielberg's company, quickly becoming adept at working with A-listers.

Growing up on the East Coast Rosser entered acting school as a child, where she excelled in character study and writing. She caught the directing bug at age nine after directing a scene with her classmates and is now renowned as an "actor's director."

Rosser's work has been praised by the LA Times and Daily Variety as "suspenseful and involving" and "deliver[ing] a polished product." She won the Best Filmmaker Award at the Easter Seals Disability 48 Hour Film Challenge and her movie "PEA POD" was voted into the Top 5 by MAX's Insider Comedy Competition. She achieved finalist status in the prestigious Television Directors' Program at Disney and advanced to the second round at the Sundance Labs for her script "Drag King." She was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Millenia Foundation for her work advancing queer cinema.

Member of the Television Academy and Producers Guild of America.

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