Rumi Oyama
Rumi oyama

Born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. After gaining a BA in law at the prestigious Chuo University, Rumi started to combine her brain and artistic ability by moving to the US and working as an actress and choreographer on the Broadway stage and in various regional theaters. She is the winner of the Fred and Adele Astaire Award (2016) and a nominee for the BroadwayWorld Regional Awards (2018 and 2023). Her first written script, “Sengoku: Journey of Outsiders” was a finalist and shortlisted in The ScreenCraft Animation Competition. Her other scripts also placed highly in several industry contests including a finalist in The Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

Her storytelling style is greatly influenced by her upbringing in Japan. She is committed to creating films that accurately portray Japan's rich cultural heritage while presenting it in a more contemporary manner.

Rumi currently lives in NY.