Sahar Mossayebi
Sahar mossayebi

Sahar Mossayebi was born in Tehran in the year 1975. She graduated in Theater from the University of Art and Architecture.

She professionally entered the world of cinema in 1999 and has been involved in various roles, including Script supervisor, production manager, first assistant director, and program planner.

In 2009, she began her directorial career with two short films titled "This is Not a Game" and "Abandoned Station." In 2015, she directed her first feature-length documentary, "Platform," which highlighted the challenges women face in sports in Iran, particularly in relation to patriarchal laws. The documentary received numerous awards in Iran and at international film festivals.

In 2020, Sahar Mossayebi directed her first feature film, "Orca," addressing the issues and constraints faced by women in Iran. Although the film participated in international film festivals, it was banned in Iran due to its subject matter.

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