Saila Kariat
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Saila Kariat is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with a diverse background. While her real interest and passion has always been writing and filmmaking, she has had a career as an electrical engineer and builder before pursuing her dream. After obtaining her Ph.D. in electrical engineering, Saila worked as an engineer, manager and marketeer at IBM and a start-up, and started and ran a residential construction company. She pursued her education in film in parallel, obtaining a degree in Film from San Jose State University, where she was valedictorian of the class of 2008.

She wrote, directed and co-produced The Valley, the story of an entrepreneur who seeks answers after the suicide of his daughter. The Valley was in twenty film festivals and won best feature film in four festivals, in addition to being invited to the Mumbai Film Festival. Her other feature screenplays include Gods and Demons, a drama about an idealistic woman doctor, Love in the Time of Corona, a romantic comedy about an unlikely couple, and Release, a drama about a middle-aged divorcee who deals with her loneliness and alcoholism after her only daughter goes away to college. Her current screenplay is Gray, a drama about a black man and white woman trapped together through a tense and dangerous ordeal. Saila lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area and is the proud parent of two amazing grown daughters – one an artist and the other a musician.

  • The Valley (Trailer)

    Neal Kumar is a successful entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. He has an enormous mansion, a beautiful wife, and two daughters in college. His world is shattered when his bright and sensitive younger daughter, Maya tragically commits suicide during her freshman year. He struggles with his own mental health, the pressures of pushing his new start-up to success and answering his lingering questions as to why his seemingly perfect life is unraveling. Neal’s quest to find out the truth about his daughter’s suicide propels him on an increasingly frantic journey that brings him to the brink of disaster.