Selcen Ergun
Selcen ergun

Selcen Ergun is a director, scriptwriter and producer from Turkey. She obtained her Masters Degree in Screenwriting and Directing at Istanbul Bilgi University, after studying Industrial Design and Visual Culture at METU. She is a Berlinale Film Festival Talents 2018 alumna. She began her career as an assistant director, worked in many national and international productions. She directed short films, commercials and music videos. Her short films, ’Confrontation’ and ‘A Sunny Day’ have been selected by many international film festivals (including Munich, LUCAS Frankfurt, Brussels, Los Angeles, !f İstanbul, Ankara, Adana Golden Boll) and awarded prizes. She was selected for the Medienboard Nipkow Berlin Artist- in-Residency in 2019. 'Snow and the Bear' is her debut feature which was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2022. It is a Turkish, German, Serbian co-production supported by Eurimages. The film project has been developed at the Berlinale Talents Script Station, Nipkow AIR, Cannes Film Festival La Maison Des Scénaristes and First Films First. It was awarded as the best project in development in 2017 and later as the best work- in-progress film in 2021 at the Meetings on the Bridge Platform of Istanbul International Film Festival as well as at the Bosphorus Film Lab. Selcen founded Albino Zebra Film in 2018. Since then, she is producing and directing independent films under her own company.