Sophie Peyrard
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Sophie Peyrard starts off her career as a writer and director on the franco-german ARTE series Tracks. She collaborates on this show for 7 years as the series editor in chief. She then participates on several experimental television programs and works regularly for the written press. For the past several years, Sophie has concentrated on documentaries that explore her favorite subjects : counterculture, art and feminism. Her work enables her to blend content with form, developing a highly personal style of storytelling. She has written and directed the following documentaries : Cartier, The Style and History which was shown in conjunction with the critically acclaimed exhibit at the Grand Palais. The Retro Revolution, that explores the sub-culture of people addicted to the past, Elle Once Upon a Time, a study of how the magazine Elle was instrumental in the emancipation of a whole generation of Frenchwomen, and Pin-Up, the Revenge of a Sex-Symbol, the story of an erotic icon.