Stavroula Toska
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Stavroula Toska is the creator and star of SWITCH, a short form serialized drama with thriller elements that is inspired by true events. Her memoir, with the same title, will be released later in 2018.

SWITCH marks the second collaboration between Stavroula and Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis, who previously narrated and served as the Executive Producer on Stavroula's award winning directorial debut, Beneath the Olive Tree.

For SWITCH, Stavroula brought on board other women directors, talent and crew members she met through the Film Fatales network; Eun-ah Lee served as the DP, fellow FF Laurie Weltz directed one of the episodes, Catherine Eaton co-stars and more.

Other collaborations include Livin' the Dream which she produced along with fellow Film Fatale Kim Spurlock, The Sounding which she Executive Produced with FF Catherine Eaton, and A Photographic Memory, a feature documentary by FF Rachel Elizabeth Seed currently in post production.

"Let's understand once and for all that no one will offer us a sit at the table. We gotta kick the door open, grab a chair and sit. There is so much power and goodness in women uniting and lifting each other up. This is why I love and respect what Leah Meyerhoff has done with the Film Fatales organization and am proud to be part of it."

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    SWITCH tells the story of Stella, a woman in her 30s, who begins working as a dominatrix while trying to escape her abusive husband and build a new identity for herself. Knowing nothing about the surreptitious world of BDSM, she begins her training and transforming from Stella to Mistress Kassandra. In the process, a mysterious and alluring new world reveals itself. It’s an underground world inhabited by men and women from all walks of life who, upon entering, are given permission to take their masks off and reveal who they truly are by playing out their wildest fantasies and childhood trauma inside the walls of New York City’s most exclusive BDSM Dungeon — Athena’s Temple.

    With each passing day at Athena’s Temple, aka The Temp, a new sense of empowerment and understanding of her worth as a woman leaves Stella with no choice but to make the switch and never look back. The men who frequent The Temp and the women she works with open Stella’s eyes to a different reality than the one she’s experienced all her life.
    The owner of The Temp sees her younger self in Stella and, from a safe distance, begins to make plans for her future.

    Before long Stella will find herself caught in a web of lies, greed, secrets, love and betrayal, and with the future of an underground multi-million dollar empire lying at her feet.

    The series stars Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis, two-time Emmy winner Cady McClain, Emmy-nominee Jon Lindstrom, Stavroula Toska, Mark Borkowski, India Ennenga, Bobby Daniel Rodriguez, Eleni Yiovas, Catherine Eaton, Katie Maguire, Gabriel Furman, Alicia Greene, Alexis Braxton, Yukiko Miyawaki and more.

    Series directed by: Stavroula Toska, Cady McClain, Laurie Weltz, Katie Maguire.