Summer Lazarou
Summer lazarou

Director, producer and cinematographer Summer Love gained a reputation early on as Canada’s “it” girl for fresh, edgy pop culture docs. From films that explore the underground music and fashion scene in Montreal to pop and politics, Love’s films have one thing in common; they aim to enlighten and inspire.

After establishing Deltatime Productions in 2005 with collaborator Jane Michener, Summer launched her first feature documentary Sounds Like a Revolution. This proactive and energizing documentary chronicles the rise of a new wave of protest music in America leading up the 2008 Presidential election. The film received critical acclaim at festivals around the world, winning BEST DOCUMENTARY at the Raindance Film Festival, MOST INSPIRING FILM at the Orlando Film Festival and opening the Amnesty International Film Festival. Broadcast globally, Sounds Like a Revolution has inspired a new generation of artists and musicians during turbulent times.

For over a decade, Deltatime Productions has been given exclusive access to the inner workings of Spin Master, Canada’s largest toy company, to produce several short and long form documentaries including The Great Canadian Toy Story released on Netflix Canada in 2014. Recently the team completed How to Make a Hit Toy, a 90 minute feature vérité documentary on the life cycle of a toy from concept to completion.

Summer is currently in development on a feature documentary with the National Film Board this summer and is independe