Suzuya Bobo
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Suzuya Bobo is a bi-coastal Film Director and Writer. A California Institute of the Arts Alumni, Suzuya recently sold her first feature film internationally and domestically with Glass House Distribution which she co-wrote and Directed: Family Games, starring Megan Boone ( The Blacklist), Derek Cecil (House of Cards), Larry Bryggman (Spy Game) and Alison Fraser (The Secret Garden, Gypsy). Ms. Bobo’s journey from script-writing, directing, editing, and promoting it was supported by Ben Barenholtz, the legendary Indie Film producer of Requiem for a Dream, Barton Fink, Miller’s Crossing and other films. She is his only female writer-director discovery. Suzuya started out with an interest in acting, inspired by an early love of Sam Shepherd-esque southern, gothic theater. This love was ignited by her enthusiasm for literature, political debate, fascinating family histories, psychological tension, and a love of drama. As a teenager she discovered the underground punk scene in Dallas, and soon she was exposed to a riveting set of visually intoxicating films which transformed her interest in acting to a passion for filmmaking. Suzuya’s the co-creator of Uniformed , the untold story of the Civil War as seen through the eyes of the diverse women who fought on both fronts, disguised as men.

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