Swati Bhise
Swati bhise

Swati Bhise has enjoyed a career spanning over four decades as a visionary arts promoter. A classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer—as well as a choreographer, educator, writer, producer, and director—she has performed extensively at prestigious venues like the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY and represented the Indian Government since her debut performance at the Center for Indian Classical Dances in New Delhi. She is the director, writer, and producer of a period drama film, The Warrior Queen of Jhansi, based on the life of the iconic Indian Queen Rani Lakshmibai and the first Hollywood action film with a female Indian lead. Released in November 2019, the award-winning film has been screened in theatres across America, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. She founded the Warrior Queen Project, a non-profit advocacy organization and movement, aimed at closing the gender gap and promoting the economic empowerment of women through a civic, activist, and legislative agenda crafted and driven by women. Bhise served as Executive Producer and Indian cultural consultant on The Man Who Knew Infinity, an Ed Pressman Film & Cayenne Pepper Productions (the film production company for Bhise) starring Dev Patel and Jeremy Irons. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and went on to screen at The White House to critical acclaim and to open festivals in Zurich, India, Dubai, and Singapore, among others.