Film Fatales
Rebecca Haimowitz

Rebecca Haimowitz is an award- winning filmmaker and the Co-Director/Producer of MADE IN INDIA - a film about the personal stories behind the phenomenon of "outsourcing" surrogates to India - which aired on PBS in 2012. MADE IN INDIA premiered in May 2010 at the Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto, and won “Best Documentary” at multiple Film Festivals. It was supported by Chicken & Egg Pictures, the Fledgling Fund, The Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, the New York State Council on the Arts and more.

Rebecca's most recent film is 62 DAYS - a short documentary about Marlise Muñoz, a Texas woman who was pronounced brain dead but forced to remain on life support against her wishes because she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. The film follows the Muñoz family’s journey from tragedy to activism as they fight to change this law. Outreach partners for the film include the ACLU of Texas and Planned Parenthood TX. The film will be premiere in late 2017.

Rebecca also works as an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University where she teaches both narrative and documentary classes. She received her MFA in Filmmaking from Columbia University's Graduate School of the Arts. Rebecca is committed to creating documentary and fiction films that reveal the human side behind social and political issues.

Selected Works

  • 62 Days (Trailer)