William Greaves Fund Awards
Film Fatales - Mar. 9, 2023

Sending our congratulations to Film Fatales members Giselle Bailey, Ann Kaneko, and Yoruba Richen for being among the 10 filmmakers to receive the 2022 William Greaves Research & Development Fund Award, which helps support mid-career documentary filmmakers from racially and ethnically under-represented communities. The fund, which was established by Firelight in 2020, provides recipients with up to $40,000 each to support research and development for a feature-length non-fiction project.

Louis Greaves co-founded the William Greaves Production Company in 1963. The Greaves Production Company became the inspiration for many mission-driven production companies to come, including @firelightfilms. Louise was a pathbreaking filmmaker, director, producer, screenwriter, and curator - and we share our condolences for her recent passing.

Untitled, created in collaboration with Stephen Bailey, is a hybrid documentary feature about Black social movements in America.

45/45 weaves together a tapestry of images and observations, chronicling and celebrating growing up and growing old. Parents and children reverse roles as the "sandwiched" daughter, who doubles as filmmaker and caregiver, shares insights about the uncanny resemblance of life's beginning and end.

Insurrection 1898 brings to life the events surrounding the coup d'├ętat in Wilmington, NC, in which white supremacists overthrew the multiracial government of North Carolina's largest city through a coordinated campaign of violence and intimidation intended to undermine Black political and economic power and impose white control.