Chicken & Egg Awards
Film Fatales - Mar. 9, 2023

Celebrating the 2023 Chicken & Egg Award recipients, including Film Fatales members Angela Tucker, Ilinca Calugareanu, Lisa Jackson, Nico Opper, Rea Tajiri, Sabaah Folayan, and Sonia Kennebeck.

The Chicken & Egg Award, which has grown from a cohort of six to eight, awards women and non-binary documentary filmmakers who are at advanced-career stages with a $75,000 grant and a tailored year-long mentorship program targeted to the goals of each individual grant recipient. In recognition of a challenging landscape faced by women and non-binary filmmakers, Chicken & Egg Pictures has expanded the definition of advanced-career directors to encompass a broader set of backgrounds and experiences, and in this way, account for the impact of institutional barriers and structures on the development of one's career.

Additionally - Film Fatales Member, Salomé Jashi will receive a $15,000 Chicken & Egg Award Finalist Development Grant for their projects to recognize their great achievements in documentary filmmaking.