Film Fatales x Stowe Fellowship
Film Fatales - Mar. 21, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the Finalists for the Film Fatales Fellowship at the Stowe Story Labs:

Alana Waksman (She Falls Like Water)
Christina YR Lim (Icon)
Debra Kirschner (Middle Aged Magician)
Erin Li (Oppa 오빠)
Florencia Manovil (Queerly Beloved)
Gabriella Moses (False Cause)
Jillian Corsie (Lamb)
Kayden Phoenix (JALISCO, Latina Superhero)
Liz Sargent (Take Me Home)
Talena Sanders (Verena + Jo)

As well as this year's Semi-Finalists:

Abby Berendt Lavoi (Carrie*ing)
Amber McGinnis (Good Genes)
Charise M. Studesville (The Waves)
Emily Troedson (The Dark Days of Cassidy Krystian)
Gisella Bustillos (Body Brokers)
Jill Morley (Bloody Burlesque)
Leslie McCleave (Storage)
Liz Fania Werner (The Red Forest)
Maria Allred (The Watcher's Game)
María Millan (The Hollow Women)