Anna Somershaf
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Anna is an Israeli documentary filmmaker and producer. Born in Moscow, at young age she immigrated with her family to Israel - combining both languages and cultures in her life. Anna directed "Jihad Now" - 4 episodes' documentary about the evolution of Global Jihad, broadcasted on the Israeli channel 1 (2016). Her thesis documentary "Holyland" (2012), about a Pastor of the Ghanaian migrant workers' community in Tel Aviv, was screened on Israeli TV and in many international festivals. It won the best student film award in Gottingen film festival, as well as a special mention in Cinema South Festival. She is currently working on a documentary feature "Women of Valor", about Ultra-Orthodox feminist women in Israel. Anna produced "Mixed Feelings" (2016), a documentary by the Emmy award winner Guy Davidi, co-produced with Norway, and served as a line producer in many films including "Disturbing the Peace", American documentary (by Stephen Apkon and Andrew Young),"Shai K." (by Ari Davidovich), "Ballet in the Stadium" (by Lina Chaplin), "Voices from the Booth" (by Lina Chaplin), "Does life heals wounds?" (Dutch documentary by Tami Ravid) and the prestigious "Greenhouse project" for documentary filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa. Anna graduated with honors from Sapir film school in Israel (BFA) and participated in an International program at "La Femis" film school in Paris. she completed her MA in Cultural studies (with honors) in Tel Aviv University.