Sarah Sellman
Sellman sarah director

Sarah Sellman is a filmmaker and writer based in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Sarah's feature documentary, AMERICAN BEAR: AN ADVENTURE IN THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS screened at festivals across the country and won the American Documentary Film Pitch Competition. After a limited theatrical release and educational screening tour throughout the U.S., AMERICAN BEAR can now be found online at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. Sarah's surreal short film HOLD YOUR ARMS OUT was one of 9 projects offered a fellowship at Hewlett-Packard’s inaugural post-production program at Sundance Film Festival. With her production company, Sarah has directed branded content for nonprofits and educational institutions across the country. Sarah’s original television pilot COTTONWOOD was recently selected as Series Fest's Featuring Women Initiative’s Grand Prize Winner by Rose McGowan, and hosted for a live read at the 40th Annual Denver Film Festival. Sarah currently works as a Writer’s Assistant for genre television show on Netflix, while developing a doc/narrative hybrid project inspired by her year traveling around the world with her husband in 2016, called I AM HERE, as well as a surreal LGQBT love story called GILLYFISH.