Film Fatales
Gulten Taranc

She was born in Izmir in 1990. She went to Mexico as an exchange student with the Rotary Exchange Program in 2008. She took Spanish and Latin Dance classes at Universidad de Quintana Roo. She served as a jury member for the 18th MED Film Festival, Methexis Project organized in Italy in 2012. She competed in many domestic and international film festivals. In addition to her domestic and international exhibition which consisted of documentary photography, she is a documentary and short film director. She has been concerned with women's issues since 2010 up and produced films about the problems women experience in Turkey. She graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Film Design and Directing in 2013. She continues her graduate education in Marmara University Enstitute of Fine Arts, Department of Cinema and Television. She does freelance work in the film and advertising industries. In 2015 she founded Taranç &Taranç Film production company.

Selected Works

  • Yağmurlarda Yıkansam Fragman